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Why Gold & Silver?

By Prof. H. Perry Curtis
Professor of Finance &
Business Administration

Why Gold and Silver?  I get this question often these days.  More and more people are asking this important question as time goes by . . .

I have been recommending that “everyone” include Gold and Silver in their investment plan since 2006.  Most people didn’t listen to these recommendations in 2006.  In fact, many people scoffed at the idea.  There were a “few” admirers.  But very “few”.

I’m not the only one that has been recommending moving a bigger than normal percentage of your wealth into Gold and Silver.  In fact, most of the wealthy, elite class – most savvy investors – have been moving a large portion of their wealth into Gold and Silver for several years – and continue to do so today.  Here are a couple of quotes from some of these wealthy, savvy investors.

The world has become highly suspicious of the dollar, and the single smartest move anyone can make is to get out of the dollar or dollar denominated assets.  The two ways of doing this (1) buy gold, (2) buy silver.  The prosperity and health of the US depends on the world accepting US dollars.  Which is a very thin and risky Premise to base your investment future on.”  Richard Russell, editor of Dow Theory Letters

“I warn you that politicians of both parties will oppose the restoration of gold, although they may outwardly seemingly favor it, unless you are

The Water We Live In


How does a man go broke? Slowly, then all at once. –Ernest Hemingway, Writer

Prudent debt is the promise of a tomorrow that is substantially larger and better than today – you make capital investment to lay the ground work for dynamic and muscular productivity.

Out-of-control debt is the desperate attempt to maintain the status quo and a scrambling hope to push today’s unsustainable problems to some future date. The consequences of this approach usually build slowly and then give way to massive, sudden, and unstoppable resolution. Anyone who has experienced bankruptcy knows exactly how this plays out.

So let’s be respectful of reality and take a leap beyond academics and theory and look at Europe today, with Greece and now Ireland as the starting points. This is the sobering face of national bankruptcy in real time: financial chaos, a collapsing currency, and widespread social unrest. And strangely, it seems to have happened suddenly and all at once.

And where are we at now in the US?