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Our Unique Insight – A Gold Price Warranty

Your Future Is Now Under Warranty

Customer Satisfaction Conviction Warranty

Gold is the world’s safest money.

And Guardian Gold & Silver is the world’s safest gold.

Before we show you exactly how we provide total peace of mind and safety for your gold bullion purchase, we want to share with you one fundamental understanding right from the start:

From our point of view, physical bullion gold and silver are not investments. Gold and silver are insurance and protection against paper currency inflation, devaluation, and possible failure. These precious metals are REAL MONEY, and proven stores of value, whose only real use to you is to preserve, protect, and safeguard your wealth and purchasing power from diminishing and disappearing.

That is what they do. They have done this successfully countless times over the last 6000 years.

And they will do that for you now.

However, like any product or service if our bullion gold fails to fulfill its role for you, or if you prove to be unhappy with the bullion gold’s features, benefits,  and performance, or if your gold fails to protect and preserve your wealth and purchasing power in 5 years, or for any other reason whatsoever, then this hard asset money has failed in its only real use and function to you. Therefore you should be able to return your gold precious metal as a  faulty product.

And receive a full refund on your original purchase. No Questions Asked.

Guardian Gold & Silver would like you to be satisfied with your bullion gold and has implemented a Customer Satisfaction Conviction Warranty to help ensure your comfort with your hard asset money purchase.

Exit Strategy / Capital Gains

The are really only 3 components to any successful wealth building strategy:

  •  Timing
  • Positioning
  • Exit Strategy

We call these cornerstone fundamentals The 3 Pillars of Investing, and we believe a sound strategy of exiting correctly is the most crucial of these three pillars.

 Exit Strategy
Limiting your capital gains tax exposure from 28% down to 1%

With the voracious needs of government pushing taxation ever higher it is extremely important our clients understand they have an option they can utilize, an option in accordance with IRS guidelines and procedures now and in the future, which gives them the flexibility of deciding just how much they would like to reduce their capital gains tax exposure for their gold and silver appreciation.

Together with our team of tax experts (a tax lawyer, a former tax law judge, a former IRA agent, and 4 experienced accountants) we have developed and structured an Exit Strategy for precious metals to help our clients legitimately reduce the current 28% capital gains rate (or whatever the rate will be in the future – certainly higher we believe) all the way down to 1% or less on the future liquidation of their gold and silver assets.

The only stipulation is the precious cannot be housed within an IRA set-up or any other kind of retirement vehicle.

This should prove to be a very powerful tool for those who are planning on the best possible prosperity for the future while avoiding corrosive systemic dollar devaluation as well.

To find out more just give us a call, or fill out the Request Form on this page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Who Are We?

Hello, my name is Aaron Kutchinsky and I am the founder and creator of Guardian Gold & Silver, and I believe in today’s business world it is important to know who you are working with.

Given what is going on right now in the US and Global economies, the time has come for you to act in your financial best interest and therefore you must carefully consider your financial options and corresponding professional relationships.  You need to work with the best and the brightest and with those who share your values and goals.

In the next few minutes I would like to share with you why our organization exists, what it hopes to achieve, now and in the future, and also talk about  Guardian Gold & Silver’s essential nature and our work, and what all of this means to you, me, and everyone else we know.

Bottom line: We would like you to feel comfortable working with us.

But first a couple of questions, please:

What do you believe?


Who do you trust?

I’ll go first:

I believe what I can discover and judge for myself.

And I trust me.

I think that is a solid way for all of us to go – to investigate and examine to our own satisfaction and to trust our own observations, conclusions, and instincts. So let’s assume we all agree to these ground rules and I’ll tell you a little more about what are doing here at Guardian Gold & Silver.

My partners and I have over 50 years of combined experience in the equity and commodity markets, as well as owning several businesses along the way. So you can say we are professionally tuned into the health and direction of markets, businesses, currencies, etc., locally and globally.