Full-Refund 5 Year Gold Bullion Warranty Now Available

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LOS ANGELES (February 13, 2012) – The nation’s first ever 5 year, full-refund Customer Satisfaction Warranty for gold bullion is now available for the everyday retail gold investor, a warranty which has been designed to protect their gold bullion purchase by eliminating the downside risk of owning gold.

Which means simply that if at the end of a 5 year holding period the investor feels their gold bullion has failed to preserve and protect their wealth they may return the gold to us as a faulty product and receive a full refund of their original purchase price.

No questions asked.

Guardian Gold and Silver, located in Sherman Oaks, Calif., is the only retail precious metal company in the nation offering this kind of unique price safety net for gold bullion. This warranty is based on the exact same risk management protocols currently used by central banks, insurance companies and major financial players to protect their gold bullion positions. As Kutchinsky noted, “The amazing thing is, the kind of gold underwriting we are talking about is in wide use, right now, at the top-tier levels of financial management worldwide – it just hasn’t been made available to you until right now.”

Aaron Kutchinsky, a financial columnist and activist, speaker, and president of Guardian Gold & Silver Precious Metals, says now is the time to invest in the safety of gold in light of his “safe-gold” warranty due to the current systemic economic instability in our country and Europe.

“President Obama’s recent request to raise the debt ceiling by another $1.2 trillion this month is just another indication that Americans should take action and consider gold and other precious metals as an investment to hedge against the inevitable depreciation of the dollar and protect their wealth and assets,” says Kutchinsky. “And the big fat dirty secret in Washington is the next administration will have to double our national debt just to keep the current status quo sustained – regardless of which party holds power.”

This huge and endless debt creation has a dramatic effect upon the US currency. Kutchinsky notes that the dollar buys a fraction of what it could buy 40 years ago, and has depreciated over 30% over the last 11 years alone – and that value is gone forever. But an ounce of gold still buys the same amount of goods and services as it did 100 years ago.

“There is no loss in the purchasing power of gold and that is the difference between real money and a paper currency,” says Kutchinsky.

It is an historical fact that gold is a sound investment because it holds its value regardless of time, place or the current political atmosphere. Kutchinsky points out that the world’s smart money is moving away from the paper financial system with its many risky derivatives and into hard asset commodities with real universal value, such as timberland, agriculture, oil, and gold and silver – which is why all commodities, across the board, are up dramatically over the last 11 years.

Our nation’s national debt now larger than the entire US economy, and an out-of-control debt contagion is spreading in Europe. And with no end in sight to reckless U.S. spending, now is the time to take action and preserve your wealth.

To learn more about the gold warranty, investors can watch a comprehensive video at http://www.guardiangoldandsilver.com or contact Guardian Gold and Silver at 800-621-4886 to discuss how they can now put their future under warranty.

Contact: Aaron Kutchinsky
Phone: 800-621-4886 ext. 110
Email: aaron@guardiangoldandsilver.com