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An Overview

By using the very same widely accepted and proven gold insurance models, strategies, and actuarial analysis utilized by large financial institutions, Guardian Gold & Silver is positioned to make the following Warranty Promise:

Our 5th Year Customer Satisfaction Conviction Limited Warranty:

“Your Future Is Now Under Warranty”

Guardian Gold and Silver would like you to be satisfied with your gold purchase and has implemented a “Satisfaction Conviction Warranty” to help ensure your comfort with your Guardian Gold and Silver purchase.

If you are unhappy in any way with your bullion gold purchase within the Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Period, we will fully refund your original purchase price. You may exercise this option any time within this Evaluation Period, which is defined as the first 30 calendar days following the 5 year anniversary date of your purchase. Redemption of this Warranty is to be exercised at your sole and voluntary discretion. Furthermore you are free to sell or trade, to any entity you wish, all or a portion of your gold and silver at any time you feel it’s appropriate, for whatever reason, prior to the Satisfaction  Evaluation Period.

Guardian will place a percentage of every gold and silver purchase in a “Warranty Reserve Fund” to ensure sufficient funds are available to satisfy any redemption that may be requested.  The “Warranty Reserve Fund” will be supplemented by industry-standard insurance models and programs to ensure funds availability for any requested redemptions.

We are mission oriented. We don’t just sell gold and silver per se –we offer the solution to owning gold. We take the one fear of gold, the one objection—uncertainty of the future—and solve the problem.   Now, the future is certain, protected, and under warranty.

This is the same solution presently utilized by banks, large investors, and insurance companies – who use it for themselves and their shareholders. These financial players are prudently protecting their positions by employing sophisticated mathematical insurance models (coupled with actuarial analysis) to protect against possible downside. These models are well understood and widely used and are considered industry-standard within their universes.These strategic tools are providing the intellectual and experiential framework to guide these key decisions and long-term strategies for these entities, as well as for Guardian Gold & Silver.

And now for you.

Our Thesis

Current US Dollar will significantly and corrosively inflate in the next 5 years. Hyperinflation and currency collapse is highly probable within 5 years, with a 100% certainty of collapse at some unknown point in the near future.

The remonetization of gold is clearly underway and the world financial players are aggressively and continually preparing and positioning themselves for a return of gold to a world reserve currency status.This conforms to the historical norm:

  • Gold and Silver are real and eternal hard asset money and stores of value.
  • Fiat (un-backed) paper currencies have a 100% failure rate.

Our Strategy

It is crucial to understand how the major financial players of the world are currently positioning themselves. These Central banks, insurance companies, large investors, and other entities are aggressively and continually buying and positioning themselves into gold, regardless of market price, or so-called “top of the market” pricing. This is in anticipation of the dollar’s final and mathematically certain future.

A Few Examples:

  • Last year, world Central banks became net buyers of gold for the first time in over 40 years.
  • Northwestern Mutual, the 6th largest insurance company in the US, recently bought almost ½ billion in gold bullion – the first time they have bought physical gold in their 154 year history.
  • China has increased its gold purchasing 5-fold within the last year and has increased its position by 70% in the last 5 years.  The Middle Kingdom is actively and widely promoting bullion gold and silver purchasing by its citizens.

There are countless other examples.

At Guardian, we help to guide and educate our clients so that they are in the best possible position to make informed decisions at this amazing time in history.  Our team consists of experts in these kind of strategies, as well as multi-decade seasoned gold and silver professionals. Precious metals are not a panacea; but historically precious metals, and gold in particular, have offered the highest degree of protection going into and coming out of the economic uncertainty.  The reasons to include precious metals in your portfolio are many including:

  • Protection from currency devaluation & manipulation
  • Protection against sovereign risk
  • Protection against deflation
  • Protection against inflation
  • Protection against currency default
  • Diversification
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Liquidity
  • Accommodating risk/reward environment
  • Performance
  • Accommodating Supply/Demand dynamic
  • Recommended by top independent analysts
  • Recommended by top global financial institutions

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Guardian Gold & Silver is to protect and preserve the wealth, purchasing power, and economic viability of individuals, families, and communities. We provide the resources and tools to position our fellow citizens into hard asset money, bullion gold, with complete security and peace of mind and to minimize their exposure to the certain and final failure of the current economic US Dollar system.

Our core values are:

  • Do the right thing.
  • Lead others to understanding.
  • Get as many into the boat as possible.

And here is the point of this entire website and everything we do:

Gold is the World’s Safest Money.
Guardian Gold & Silver is the World’s Safest Gold.