How do you know we will be in business in 5 years?

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That’s a good question, because in today’s business environment you have to wonder who is going to be around down the road. Because as we’ve seen recently, even some of the biggest and most revered US companies have either ceased to exist or have had to be saved by massive infusion of tax dollars.

And we’re going to see a whole lot more in the next couple of years. And the reason is pretty simple – companies are not understanding where we are headed and are not preparing for the great economic change we are only just beginning to see and experience.

The fact is we are going to have massive economic failure in the next 5 years and nothing on earth is going to stop it – the evidence is just overwhelming, conclusive, and not open to interpretation. And those who prepare and position themselves are going to be ok, and that’s what we are doing. In fact, our business will do better and better the worse it gets because our product is one of the pillars of economic viability, along with oil, timber, producing land, etc.

And even more we have further prepared ourselves by putting in place proven and dependable mathematical insurance models and strategies to make sure that no matter which way the economy goes we are positioned to prosper. And we are not alone – there are a few companies out there doing the same thing. But most are not, because they are run by people – and most people are just ignoring the problem or trying to pretend it doesn’t really exist.

And really, that’s all it takes, because everything that is happening is easy to see if you know what to look for because at the end of the day it’s just math. And you can see these big economic changes coming from a long way off – that is why gold has been rising steadily for 10 years – it’s the early warning system telling us that leveraged paper, like fiat currencies, are failing and dying.

You know, when an earthquake has already occurred and the tsunami wave is fast approaching the shoreline, it’s easy to get to higher ground – then you just watch it go by.

But if you ignore the signs, pretend that somehow it will all just fix itself or think no way is this going to affect me – you are in harm’s way.

History teaches us that by the time you get to the crisis point, you have a few lousy solutions to choose from to solve the crisis. The wise solutions were all passed by and disregarded well before the crisis point was upon you.

So in a nutshell, we at Guardian have chosen and implemented some good solutions right now for the coming problems and have, in effect, solved the crisis before it has fully arrived. And that is what we suggest you do as well.

I am proposing we actively, creatively, and constructively participate with the future, and not be it’s zombie-like victims, by simply using traditional, conservative, and proven strategies that have always been used in times like this. Smart and savvy people have always used physical gold and silver to protect and preserve their wealth while paper goes through its inevitable lifecycle.  Let’s stand on the shoulders of giants and do as they have done.