How to Own Gold & Silver

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We Sell Gold Bullion Covered By A Full-Refund
Customer Satisfaction Conviction Warranty
(please read our written warranty below)

Gold & Silver Bullion Bars and Coins

Gold and silver bars are some of the oldest forms of metal currency. For centuries, gold and silver have set the standard for value and drove economies. Despite the world’s departure from precious metals standards in the twentieth century, the value of gold and silver bullion is still prized internationally as dependable insurance/hedge against paper currency depreciation and failure and as eternal stores of value.

The term “bullion” refers to precious metals in bulk, which are traded on the commodity markets. A bullion bar or coin is not used for everyday commercial purposes, but instead kept for wealth preservation and stores of value, which is why they are known primarily as a “hedge” or “insurance” against intrinsically valueless fiat paper currency.

The distinction between bullion bars and coins and normal currency is that a bullion coin is valued by its physical make-up – the mass, composition, and purity of the precious metals it contains – rather than its monetary denomination or face-value. As a result, bullion coins are valued significantly higher compared to normal currency.

The purity of bullions vary from issue to issues, however 99.9% purity is customary. 100% bullion coins do not exist, as absolute purity of metals in this form is not possible.

Bullion precious metal bars represent an excellent option for those who wish to diversify their portfolios. Precious metals retain their value consistently, and gold has long been the most popular of the metals. Gold and silver hedging offers outstanding reliability and are vitally important in preserving and protecting wealth and purchasing power.

Sample Gold & Silver Bullion Products

We offer a comprehensive range of gold bullion bars and coins – refined up to 999.9, or even 999.99 purities, available in a vast array of weights. All bars are subjected to rigorous inspections and weighing before packing and dispatch.

We only offer the most liquid bullion items in the world.

Pictured here are examples of typical and trusted bullion products we carry. Depending of market availability we may offer other similar but equal gold and silver bullion bars and coins, with all forms of gold bullion covered covered by our full-refund Customer Satisfaction Conviction Warranty Promise.

Please call 800-621-4886 to speak with one of our bullion specialists for product availability and current pricing.

Our Limited Warranty on Bullion Gold for the
Fifth Year Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Period

What Does This Warranty Cover?: Any perceived defect or lack of performance in the bullion gold , or any other dissatisfaction in any way with your bullion gold.

What is the Period of Coverage?: For 30 calendar days, beginning on the fifth year anniversary date of the product purchase until midnight of the following 30th calendar day. This period of warranty redemption is known as the Fifth Year Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Period.

What Guardian Gold & Silver Will Do: Provide a full refund of the original purchase price.

How to Get Service: Contact Guardian Gold & Silver at 800-621-4886.

Your Rights Under State Law: This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

What Must You Do to Keep the Warranty in Effect?: This warranty is non-transferable. Redeemable only to the original purchaser, or in the event of their passing, their lawful and designated heirs. All bullion gold and silver must be in their original condition. Any tampering or modifications of any kind void this warranty. All gold a must be inspected, compared to original invoice for proper catalogue numbers, and independently assayed before redemption is granted.

What Does This Warranty Not Cover? Redeemable only in current US Dollars (fully fiat US Notes of legal tender). Only original, documented, and catalogued bullion gold can be redeemed. Numismatic or semi-numismatic gold and silver coins are not covered by this Warranty. Bullion silver is not covered.

Our Warranty will be suspended and voided under
any of the following scenarios:

  • Gold Confiscation/Direct Government Price Controls, Market Takeovers, etc.
  • Direct Currency Re-Valuation by US Government
  • Currency Failure/Currency Replacement
  • Systemic Collapse of US Government & Financial Institutions
  • Systemic Breakdown/Chaos of the Social Order/Social Contract
  • Martial Law
  • Fundamental and Comprehensive Change of US Government Structure (Dictatorship, break up or reorganization of the current US union, etc.)
  • Direct Command & Control and Socialization of US Economic Markets by US/State Governments
  • Civil War/Nuclear War/War of Devastation