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Guardian Gold & Silver

An Overview

By using the very same widely accepted and proven gold insurance models, strategies and actuarial analysis utilized by large financial institutions, Guardian Gold & Silver is positioned to make the following Warranty Promise:

Our 5th Year Customer Satisfaction Conviction Limited Warranty:

“Your Future Is Now Under Warranty”

Guardian Gold and Silver would like you to be satisfied with your gold purchase and has implemented a “Satisfaction Conviction Warranty” to help ensure your comfort with your Guardian Gold and Silver purchase.

If you are unhappy in any way with your bullion gold purchase within the Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Period, we will fully refund your original purchase price. You may exercise this option any time within this Evaluation Period, which is defined as the first 30 calendar days following the 5 year anniversary date of your purchase. Redemption of this Warranty is to be exercised at your sole and voluntary discretion. Furthermore you are free to sell or trade, to any entity you wish, all or a portion of your gold and silver at any time you feel it’s appropriate, for whatever reason, prior to the Satisfaction  Evaluation Period.

Purposes, Commitments, Reason for Being

The partners of Guardian Gold & Silver have over 50 years of combined experience in the financial markets and business. We created this company to address a question that has become central to our lives and our concerns at this crucial and important moment in history:

Do we want to be about Gold (money, business), or do you want to be about something bigger?

Because right now it is no longer about business as usual – it is time to deal with the new emerging financial/social/political paradigm and to take prudent and responsible action.

Therefore, we make and dedicated these Purposes and Commitments to you:

  • Protecting our community, our tribe, is our most important goal.
  • Gold & Silver are the vehicles by which we serve our mission.
  • Create an island to stand on. Gold is an island apart from the entire dollar system. It needs no reference or validation from the system to work or to be of value. It is a complete and utter shelter from the political and dollar status quo. It is the wealth of kings, the wealth of countries, and the wealth of history.
  • We are first and foremost a customer service and community service experience. We use gold & silver to protect and preserve ourselves.
  • Treat every person like they are your closest friend or significant other. They matter very much because each of us matters very much.
  • We deliver happiness with every interaction, at every opportunity.
  • Tell the truth each and every time – total honesty and complete transparency.
  • Confirm trust by always doing what you say you will do.
  • Do the right thing, every time.
  • Reverse and fix errors, and then do the right thing.
  • Every client has a brother, sister, mother, father, neighbor, friend, doctor. They are part of the tribe and need us as well – nobody gets left behind.

How do you know we will be in business in 5 years?

That’s a good question, because in today’s business environment you have to wonder who is going to be around down the road. Because as we’ve seen recently, even some of the biggest and most revered US companies have either ceased to exist or have had to be saved by massive infusion of tax dollars.

And we’re going to see a whole lot more in the next couple of years. And the reason is pretty simple – companies are not understanding where we are headed and are not preparing for the great economic change we are only just beginning to see and experience.

The fact is we are going to have massive economic failure in the next 5 years and nothing on earth is going to stop it – the evidence is just overwhelming, conclusive, and not open to interpretation. And those who prepare and position themselves are going to be ok, and that’s what we are doing. In fact, our business will do better and better the worse it gets because our product is one of the pillars of economic viability, along with oil, timber, producing land, etc.

How long have you been in business?

Guardian was founded in 2010.

Our greatest strength is that we are new. We got tired of trying to change the system from within. Our ideas and message and approach were NOT winning us any converts in the large and established precious metals firms presently dominating the landscape, whose corporate cultures are aggressively and exclusively focused on their own self-interests, at your expense (literally and figuratively). We feel it is no longer appropriate or viable to conduct business as usual or in the accepted norm at this crucial and important turning point in history.

We created Guardian Gold & Silver because it’s the kind of business that needed to be invented – right here, right now.  Our core belief: Treat others as we would want to be treated. Be authentic. Treat our clients as important and significant business partners, valued fellow community members, and friends on this incredible journey of life.

And in this industry that makes us revolutionary.

We have over 50 years of combined experience in the financial markets, as well as an extensive history of creating and guiding new businesses. The path to the future is clearly defined and proven… there are exciting and time-tested strategies ready to be used.

And most importantly, we know this business and we know how the big players are running it – and we are changing the rules.