Why Gold & Silver?

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By Prof. H. Perry Curtis
Professor of Finance &
Business Administration

Why Gold and Silver?  I get this question often these days.  More and more people are asking this important question as time goes by . . . . .

I have been recommending that “everyone” include Gold and Silver in their investment plan since 2006.  Most people didn’t listen to these recommendations in 2006.  In fact, many people scoffed at the idea.  There were a “few” admirers.  But very “few”.

I’m not the only one that has been recommending moving a bigger than normal percentage of your wealth into Gold and Silver.  In fact, most of the wealthy, elite class – most savvy investors – have been moving a large portion of their wealth into Gold and Silver for several years – and continue to do so today.  Here are a couple of quotes from some of these wealthy, savvy investors.

“The world has become highly suspicious of the dollar, and the single smartest move anyone can make is to get out of the dollar or dollar denominated assets.  The two ways of doing this (1) buy gold, (2) buy silver.  The prosperity and health of the US depends on the world accepting US dollars.  Which is a very thin and risky Premise to base your investment future on.”  Richard Russell, editor of Dow Theory Letters

“I warn you that politicians of both parties will oppose the restoration of gold, although they may outwardly seemingly favor it, unless you are willing to surrender your children and your country to galloping inflation, war and slavery then this cause demands your support.  For if human liberty is to survive in America, we must win the battle to restore honest money.  There is no more important challenge facing us than this issue — the restoration of your freedom to secure gold in exchange for the fruits of your labors.” Howard Buffett, 4 term Republican Representative and father to Warren Buffett

Recently, many of those scoffing people I mentioned earlier have been changing their tune, saying –

“I’m beginning to see your point.”  “Can you tell me again why we need Gold and Silver.”

They all haven’t moved over to “admirer” status just yet, but at least they are beginning to think about the need for precious metals.  And good for them – thinking about the need to protect your wealth is the first step to actually protecting your wealth.

The fundamental reasons for my recommendation to include Gold and Silver are the same now as they were in 2006.  In fact, the reasons have become more clear – easier to see.

For many people, it’s easy to miss the real reason behind the need for Gold and Silver.  Most people haven’t studied the issue.  If you haven’t studied the issue it becomes easy to simply focus on the problems or “symptoms” we face today.  To understand the root cause of the challenges we face today, you must look deeper.

To really understand the situation, you must find the root cause for the problems or “symptoms”.  We will go over some of the more dangerous symptoms in a minute.  They are important to look at.  Nevertheless, the root cause is what you need to focus on.

Before we get to the symptoms, listen to what China’s President Hu Jintao had to say shortly before his January 2011 state visit to Washington.  His way of looking at things is very important to us here in the US.  His comments are reflective of the direction the world would like to see our current international currency system go.

President Hu Jintao raised questions on the role of the US Dollar in the global monetary system by saying:

“the current international currency system is a product of the past”.

He also strongly criticized the structural faults in the world’s banking system that led to the 2008 financial collapse.  He stated,

“the financial crisis’ root cause lies in the serious defects of the existing financial system”.

President Hu was referring to the current “Central Bank” model with the US Dollar as the international reserve currency.

President Hu’s comments were in response to written questions from two US newspapers, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.  The fact that he even responded to the written questions is important.  A response to questions from western journalists is very unusual.  It is only done when China’s leaders want to influence the world’s direction.

Notice that he described what he sees as the “root cause” of our current financial crisis.

We will talk more about the role of the US Dollar as the international reserve currency in a minute.

First, let’s look at some symptoms for our current economic ailments.

Remember, when you get sick, you develop symptoms of whatever made you sick.  You may develop a fever, a rash, or an upset stomach.  Those symptoms are not the cause of your illness – they are just the symptoms.

If you have a “Good Doctor”, he will analyze your symptoms and maybe do some tests to determine the root cause for your sickness.  A “Good Doctor” will treat the root cause for your illness – so that the illness goes away and you become healthy again.

A “Bad Doctor” will just treat the symptoms.  It may make you feel better for a short period of time, but you really won’t be curing the illness.  You really don’t get any better.

A sick economy (or society) is very similar to a person that is sick.  A sick economy will exhibit specific symptoms.  Those symptoms can be analyzed and tested to determine the root cause for the illness.

Governments act like a “Bad Doctor” when it comes to treating an economy’s illness – they treat the symptoms – they generally don’t address or correct the root cause for the illness.

So what kind of economic & societal symptoms are we seeing today?

  • Annual Federal Budget Deficit of $14 Trillion – Growing at an ever-increasing rate of $1.4 Trillion per year!
  • Unfunded Federal Obligations of over $70 Trillion – Growing at an exponential rate!  (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Guarantees for Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, FHA, FHLB, etc., etc., etc.).
  • Huge Deficits at 70% of all States – look for the beginnings of defaults on State Bonds in the coming 12 to 24 months!
  • Congress discussing changing the laws to allow State to file for Bankruptcy!
  • Municipal Deficits with approximately 80% of all Municipalities – again, look for defaults in the coming months!
  • Unfunded or underfunded Pension Funds across the full spectrum of public and private sector entities!
  • Governmental Bailouts/Takeover of the Banking Industry, the Automobile Industry, and other to-be-determined industries.
  • Increased Taxes at all levels; Federal, State, and Local!
  • Increased Regulations and other barriers to business competition!
  • Growing inflation indicator 1 – Food prices have risen an average of 16% over the last year!  (All indications point to an escalation in the rate of rising food prices.)
  • Growing inflation indicators 2 – Rising Oil Prices (currently about $100 a barrel) have pushed the cost of gas well above $3.00 a gallon!  (It should be noted that the “official” inflation rate does not include food and oil – could that be intentional – to hide the true rate of inflation?)
  • Over 43 Million people in the US are on Food Stamps!
  • “Official” Unemployment rate of 9.4%!  (The true rate is closer to 24% – once again, the government has changed the definition of unemployment to make the number look better.)
  • The “Official” consensus is that unemployment will stay at this level (or higher) for 5 to 7 years!
  • Overabundance of Political Correctness!
  • Politicians that make decisions for purely political reasons rather than “rational” or “logical” reasons!
  • Reduced world respect and influence!

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.  The symptoms of the “disease” are killing the patient.

Our Governmental leaders today are treating these “symptoms” with more of the “symptoms” – more spending, more debt, more taxes, more regulations, etc., etc., etc..

Be A “Good Doctor”!

Put yourself in the shoes of the “Good Doctor” and look for the root cause of the disease.  Then if possible, eliminate that root cause!  If you are not in a position that allows you to eliminate the root cause of the disease (or if there is no cure), quarantine or segregate yourself from the disease as much as you possibly can.

Since it is virtually impossible for an individual to eliminate the root cause of a large economic problem, the individual investor must shift his focus to quarantine or segregation.  Be a “Good Doctor” and look for the best way to quarantine yourself from the disease.

Understand that in terms of financial protection, investing in Gold and Silver has historically been the quarantine method of choice for astute investors for centuries.

So how exactly does the “Good Economic Doctor” test for the root cause of the economic disease?

The “Good Doctor” understands that some economic trends take many decades to develop.  The “Good Economic Doctor” will look at economic history and analyze cause, effect, and consequence – both intended and unintended.

But before we move on to finding the “root cause” of all of the symptoms, let’s clarify a definition.

What Is Money?

Webster’s Dictionary defines money as, standard pieces of gold, silver, copper, nickel, etc., stamped by a government authority and used as a medium of exchange and measurement of value; coin or coins: also called hard money.”

In Economics, “money” must not only be an accepted medium of exchange, it must also be a “store of value” in and of itself.  Without being “of value” in and of itself, it is valuable purely by virtue of the faith that people have in whoever issued the money.

O.K., now that we know what “money” is supposed to be, let’s start looking for the “root cause” of our economic and societal symptoms.

Historically, this has been how “money” has been defined – gold, silver, copper, nickel, etc.  By “historically”, I mean for thousands of years, from the beginning of recorded history.  Money had value in and of itself.

The Ming Dynasty in China used bronze and brass coins as a monetary standard.

The Roman Empire used gold and silver coins & bullion as a monetary standard.

All nations in Europe, Africa, South America, the Far East, the Middle East, North America, and Australia have used gold, silver, and other precious metals as a monetary standard.

All successful societies have historically (for thousands of years) used gold and silver as money.  They may have issued paper money so that it is more convenient to transact business.  However, that paper money has always been back up and redeemable in gold or silver – in “successful societies” that is.

Not All Societies Stay Successful

Unfortunately, individual societies haven’t always stayed “successful”.  The governments of those societies tend to stray from the gold or silver standard.

In fact, every government has strayed from this successful monetary standard at some point in their history – sometimes more than once.  The allure of “experimenting” with a paper-based or fiat currency is just too strong for most politicians.  Going to a fiat based – non-gold or silver based – monetary system gives politicians additional power – the power to control the money supply.  It they can control the money supply; they can increase their power base and stay in power longer.  Or so they think.

Unfortunately, just as;

“absolute power corrupts absolutely”,

“artificial control of the money supply, destroys the money absolutely”.

That straying or “experimentation” to increase power and control has always led to catastrophic unintended consequences!

Those catastrophic unintended consequences have always included; overspending by governments, excessive borrowing by governments, hyper-inflation of the paper currency, increased food and transportation costs, lowered standards of living, increased unemployment, unhappy population (more often than not, riots), increased regulation & governmental control, governmental take-over of primary industries, martial law, etc., etc., etc..  Until finally, that society is weakened until it either becomes less and less relevant – or fails completely.

Does that sound something like the symptoms we are experiencing today?

Normalcy Bias!

Many of you may still be resisting believing the facts I am presenting – this is perfectly normal.  If fact, it is very common.  As an example, I was recently speaking at a conference where the subject of our current fiat based monetary system was being discussed.  In the question and answer period, one of the attendees (a gentleman in his late 20’s) asked the question – “haven’t we always been on a fiat system?”

The answer was a qualified “yes”.  Yes, during this gentleman’s lifetime, he had always been part of a fiat based monetary system.  This was normal for him.  He didn’t know anything else.  He didn’t believe that something that has always been a part of his life could be the “root cause” of the “symptoms” we are experiencing today.

But also the answer is an absolute “No”.  We as a society, and throughout world history, have typically been on a gold or silver monetary standard.

There is a psychological term for thinking as this gentleman was thinking – the Normalcy Bias! Believing that because it has “always” been a certain way – it will “always” be that way.

The Normalcy Bias keeps people from seeing things as they really are.  It keeps people from planning and preparing for changes that are obviously taking place right in front of their eyes.

With paper-based or fiat based, or faith-based monetary systems, the Normalcy Bias (combined with the long time period for the “symptoms” to appear) is the reason people continue to let their governments repeat these same mistakes over and over again.  As an example:

When the Ming Dynasty switched from the bronze and brass standard to a paper or fiat system, it took about 300 years for the “symptoms” to destroy the society.

When the Roman Empire switched from the gold and silver standard to a paper or fiat system, it took about 200 years for the “symptoms” to destroy the society.

When the Germanic Empire of the mid 1800’s to mid 1900’s switched from the gold and silver standard to a paper or fiat system, it took about 100 years for the “symptoms” to destroy the society.

When the British Empire switched from the gold and silver standard to a paper or fiat system, it took about 80 years for the “symptoms” to lessen the respect and world influence of the society.

Look At The Time Frames

I’d like for you to notice two things about the time frames for the society to decline or fall after switching to a fiat or faith based monetary system.

First, notice that it takes a long time for the society to fall.  That means when the society finally fails, everyone in that society thinks the paper-based system they have lived with their whole lives is “normal” – that the way it has “always” been.

Perfect breeding ground for the “Normalcy Bias” to take full control.

Second, notice that the time-period for failure is shortening as time passes;

  • about 300 years for the Ming Dynasty,
  • about 200 Years for the Roman Empire,
  • about 100 years for the Germanic Empire,
  • about 80 years for the British Empire

As our world’s technology, communication, and travel capabilities speeds up – so does the time frame for fiat based currencies to fail.

In fact, the current average time for failure of a faith-based currency is about 40 years. As you will see in a minute, the US has been on a faith-based system for about 40 years!

I’d like to state another very important fact – There is a 100% failure rate with fiat-based currencies!

It’s time to start paying attention!

Recent Examples

We have had many other more recent examples of governments “experimenting” with a fiat or paper based monetary system; Spain, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Greece, Ireland, Venezuela, Iceland, etc.  All of these experiments have or are in the process of creating a substantially reduced level of wealth and standard of living for the unprepared people living in these countries.  The same thing is happening here in the US – and most of the rest of the world.

This Could Never Happen In The US – Could It?

Here in the US, we have had several times (including now) when the government chose to “experiment” with a faith based monetary system.

In Colonial America, the strongest colony at the time, Massachusetts found itself with a gold and silver shortage – they were facing a financial crisis.  In 1690, its soldiers had been defeated in a raiding expedition into Quebec.  The Colony had expected the raid to be profitable – expecting the soldiers to loot the French, bringing back gold, silver, and other valuables.  The Colony had no real, hard money in their treasury with which to pay the returning soldiers.

No one would lend the Colony of Massachusetts the 7,000 British Pounds needed to pay the returning soldiers.  They were desperate.  Not paying angry and armed men returning from an unsuccessful raid could have very well have led to armed insurrection.

So, the leaders of Massachusetts simply printed up 7,000 paper notes – with nothing but faith to back them up.  The issue of the notes held two promises.  The notes were redeemable in gold or silver from tax revenue in a few years and no more faith based paper notes would be printed and put in circulation.

These promises were broken in less than six months.  The Colony’s leaders felt that the issuing of the fiat notes went so well that it would be a good idea to print 40,000 additional notes.  They looked on the notes as “free” money – all they had to do was pay the printing costs.

Once again, they made the same promises of redemption and no more paper (worthless) notes.

When this fiat money hit the market, the merchants began demanding more of these fiat notes for the same amount goods or services – monetary inflation began to take hold.  Soon, the population of Massachusetts began rejecting the notes all together.

The Government of Massachusetts responded by making its paper notes “mandatory” legal tender “at par”.  They also granted a 5% premium on the notes for all tax payments.

These artificial, forced support tactics worked for a while.  But the Government couldn’t resist the allure of “free” money and used every “crisis” as an excuse to print more “worthless” fiat money.  In 1716, they issued another 100,000 notes.  In the 1740s, all control went out the window and paper money in circulation soared from 300,000 notes to over 2.5 Million notes.  (Does this sound familiar to the situation in the US today?)

This massive printing of faith-based money caused the price of precious metals to soar.  As an example, the price of Silver, once on par with the fiat notes, ended up 10 times higher!

It also caused a major loss of living standard for the population of Massachusetts – as well as a loss of influence and respect.

The issuance of these worthless notes also helped created financial havoc around the world, stimulating one of the most speculative periods in history, the South Sea Bubble.

Finally, the King of England had had enough and in 1751, outlawed the issuance of any currency not backed by Gold or Silver.

In about 60 years, the value of these worthless fiat based notes had fallen more than 90% in value.  (Again, does this sound familiar to the times we are experiencing today?)

Revolutionary America:

During America’s fight for independence from England, another Gold and Silver shortage presented itself.  The Continental Congress responded by issuing a fiat based currency called the Continental.  In a matter of a few short years, the Continental’s real value fell so far and so fast that a common saying became – “Not Worth a Continental!”

In fact, the devastating effects of the Continental issuance was so fresh in the minds of the writers of the US Constitution that they made a point of including in the Constitution a provision that all issuance of legal tender must be in coinage of Gold or Silver!

The Situation In The US today

Today in America, we are on a full faith-based monetary system.  Because of this fiat monetary system, we are experiencing the same devastating “Symptoms” that every other experiment with fiat money throughout recorded history has presented.

  • Overspending
  • Massive Growing Debt
  • Growing Invasive Regulation
  • Government Takeover of Critical Industries
  • Lost World Respect and Influence
  • Beginnings of Hyper-Inflation
  • Lower Standard of Living
  • Shrinking Middle Class
  • Loss of Freedoms

Remember, these are “Symptoms” not the root cause.  The root cause of the “Symptoms” we face today is our Fiat Monetary System!

Be a “Good Doctor” and quarantine your wealth from the ongoing collapse caused by the devastating effects of our fiat monetary system! Make sure you protect your wealth by placing a large portion of your wealth in physical Gold and Silver bullion!  I’ll explain why this is so important in a minute.

So how did the great nation of the United States of America get to this point – especially if the use of Fiat Money is Unconstitutional?

Here is how it happened.

It all started in 1910 at a secret meeting of the most powerful banking, financial, industrial, and political leaders in America.  The meeting was held at the exclusive Jekyll Island Club off the coast of Georgia.

The purpose of the meeting was to plan a strategy for implementing what is now the Federal Reserve System which is essentially a banking cartel that protects its members from competition.  The biggest challenge for this powerful group of men was to convince Congress that this cartel (the FED) would be Constitutional and an agency of the Federal Government.

It took until 1933 (and the Great Depression) to finally convince Congress to go along with the Jekyll Island plan.  This is when the Federal Reserve System was put in place.  It should be noted that the FED is not actually a Governmental Agency.  In fact, it is wholly owned by its member banks – which are controlled by descendents of the prominent families that were present at the 1910 Jekyll Island meeting.

(I won’t go into the Constitutionality of the Federal Reserve Act other than to say it doesn’t appear to be Constitutional to me.  It has never been challenged as unconstitutional, so the Supreme Court has not addressed the issue.  Although similar laws controlling other industries have been challenged at the Supreme Court level and found to be Unconstitutional.)

Shortly after the Federal Reserve was founded, the then sitting US president issued an Executive Order ordering the seizure of all privately held Gold Bullion.  Later the private ownership of Gold was again authorized, but the price of Gold was artificially pegged at a Government mandated amount.  At that point, the US Currency became only partially backed by Gold and Silver.  This partial decoupling from Gold and Silver allowed the Federal Reserve to more easily control and artificially influence the supply of money.

Following World War 2, the British Pound was replaced by the US Dollar as the World Reserve Currency.  That means that all international payments between countries had to be priced and paid in US Dollars.  The US Dollar was partially backed by Gold, but the gold price was determined by Governmental mandate – not by free market forces.

In the early 1970s, France began demanding payment of US Debt be made in physical Gold instead of Dollars.  In response to this demand, the then sitting US President, Nixon, totally decoupled the US Dollar from the Gold Standard.  At that point, the US Dollar became a completely fiat or faith based currency.

This total decoupling of the US Dollar from the Gold Standard, gave the Government, through the Federal Reserve, the ability to print as much money as they wanted.  This is the way the FED manipulates the money supply – by printing additional bank notes or withdrawing bank notes from circulation.

Since the US Dollar is the World Reserve Currency, the FED also has the ability to manipulate the World Economy.  Since the US Dollar is the reserve currency, the US Government is the only nation authorized to simply “print” money.  (Although many other countries actually do so in their local economies.)

Having fiat money system also allows the government to spend without worrying about having anything of value (like Gold or Silver) to pay the bills.  All they have to do is print more money – just like the political leaders in Colonial Massachusetts did in 1690.  This printing ability has led politicians to say many times during the last 20 or so years – “Deficits Don’t Matter.”

You aren’t hearing many politicians saying that today.  As we all know, Deficits Do Matter!

Just look at the symptoms showing up in our economy – raging deficits, massive debt, out-of-control unemployment, quickly rising food and gas prices, lowered standard of living, reduced wealth, more regulations, higher taxes, etc., etc., etc.!

The total effect of this round of fiat-based money is just beginning.  The destruction has much further to run.

So far, the value of the dollar has fallen 92% since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in the 1930s.  As the FED prints more and more money, the value will fall even further.  As the dollar’s value falls, it loses more and more favor as the International Reserve Currency.

The dollar’s status as the reserve currency is the only thing that has kept the dollar from complete destruction.  So far, the government, through the FED, simply prints more money to pay its bills.  That protection is quickly diminishing.

Remember what China’s President Hu said;

“the current international currency system is a product of the past”.

And there is clear evidence that China is backing up their President’s words with action.

  • China has substantially reduced its purchases of US Bonds.
  • China has entered into outside agreements with other countries such as Brazil and Australia to settle their international payments in China’s currency, the Yuan.
  • China has been stockpiling natural resources and paying other countries from their reserve of US Dollars, reducing its exposure to the falling value of the dollar.
  • China has been purchasing physical Gold Bullion by the “Ton” (453 metric tons since 2003) – and continue to do so today.
  • China has been in talks with other countries in an attempt to replace the US Dollar with a basket of currencies that include the Chinese Yuan.

China isn’t the only nation pushing for an end to the US Dollar as the international reserve currency.

  • India has been purchasing tons of Gold and reducing their exposure to the US Dollar.
  • India is also in talks to replace the US Dollar as the reserve currency.
  • Dubai has stopped purchasing US Securities and has been in talks with other Arab States to establish a basket of currencies to replace the US Dollar as the reserve.
  • Brazil, Russia, France, and many other countries have called for the end to the US Dollar as the International Reserve.

Given the 100% failure rate of all fiat-based monetary systems over thousands of years of history and the pressures building to replace the US dollar as the “Reserve Currency”, I would say there is a 99.9% probability that the dollar will lost its reserve status.

(While it would be best for the world if a Gold and Silver Standard replaced the dollar, no one is talking about that option.  In all likelihood, a basket of “fiat” currencies will replace the dollar.  This will ensure that this whole process of destruction will repeat itself.)

So Why Is This A Problem?

At this point, the US can’t even pay the interest on outstanding debt with the amount of revenue that is coming in from taxes.  In order to pay the interest (and to fund all of the “entitlements”, military, and other governmental programs) the government “must” either borrow the money or print more money.

The “Reserve Status” that the US now holds allows the US to borrow the money it needs to pay the interest – other countries must have US dollars (bonds) to settle their international accounts.  If that “Reserve Status” is lost, the US will no longer be able to simply borrow money to pay its bills.

The loss of “Reserve Status” for the US Dollar will guarantee a default on US Debt.  If the US defaults, it will no longer be able to sell Bonds (borrow money) to pay its bills.

The only option left for the Government will be to print more and more fiat-based money.  This will create massive inflation causing vast destruction of the wealth of individual US citizens.

Remember, there is a 99.9% probability that this will occur.

So How Do We Protect Ourselves?

Historically, during times of financial crisis and hyperinflation, several investment classes (hard assets) have performed best.  These Hard Assets include; energy (oil, coal, gas, etc.), agriculture (food, farming, water, fertilizer, etc.), mining, mass transportation, and precious metals (Gold and Silver).  These are assets that have “real” value not just paper value.

It is very possible to “make” money in energy, agriculture, mining, and mass transportation.  I encourage you to study the investment opportunities in these areas and devote at least 40% of your investment resources in these areas.

A major portion of your investment dollars should also be placed in Precious Metals (Gold and Silver).  Personally, about 60% of my investment resources are in Gold and Silver.  Your exact allocation is entirely up to you – and frankly, a 60% Gold and Silver allocation may not be for everyone.  That is a decision that you will need to make.

Listen to what other world-class investors are saying:

“The size of the Fed’s balance sheet is exploding and the currency is being debased. Our guess is that if the chairman of the Fed is determined to debase the currency, he will succeed.  Our instinct is that gold will do well either way: deflation will lead to further steps to debase the currency, while inflation speaks for itself.”
David Einhorn, founder of hedge fund Greenlight Capital.

“All countries have embarked on policies that will favor gold.  The only option to governments is to print and print more money.  That will end in tears.”  Peter Munk, chairman of Barrick Gold, the world’s largest miner of bullion.

Look at what other world-class investors are doing:

John Paulson would be the wealthiest man in the world if gold reached $5,000 an ounce, having invested 10 percent of his $30 billion hedge fund in gold related securities.

Gold is also the largest holding for George Mindich’s $13 billion hedge fund.

George Soros, the 15th wealthiest man in the world, is the 6th largest owner of gold.

These world-class investors are acting like “Good Doctors” and are protecting (quarantining) their wealth!  Shouldn’t you be doing the same?

Gold And Silver As A “Store of Value”!

It’s important to understand that Gold and Silver are not your typical “investment”.  While it is possible to make money by investing in Gold or Silver, it is better to look at Gold and Silver as a “Store of Value”.

Gold and Silver retain their purchasing power.  As fiat currencies lose purchasing power through the forces of monetary inflation, Gold and Silver retain their purchasing power.

An ounce of Gold basically purchases the same amount of goods and services today as it did 3,000 years ago.  The purchasing power is constant (with some minor fluctuations).  The most common example given for this trait is the suit of man’s clothes.

3,000 years ago, you could purchase an entire man’s outfit; robe, sandals, belt, hat with a 1-ounce gold coin.

Today, you can purchase an entire man’s outfit; suit, shirt, belt, shoes with a 1-ounce gold coin (about $1,400 at today’s gold price).

The purchasing power of Gold has not changed in over 3,000 years.  This is why during periods of financial turmoil, physical Gold and Silver have traditionally been the wealth protection vehicle of choice.  You won’t make a lot of money, but you won’t lose any purchasing power (or wealth).

During periods of financial turmoil, protection of wealth is much more important that creating wealth.

I strongly encourage you to be a “Good Doctor” and plan for the financial turmoil that is coming and quarantine your wealth by placing a portion of your dollar-denominated assets into physical Gold and Silver!

I hope that you have found this information useful.  I strongly encourage you to being thinking about being a “Good Doctor” by protecting your wealth.  Make including Physical Gold and Silver in your asset protection plan.

Remember, “Strive to Create Value!  Your Possibilities Are Endless!”

Prof. H. Perry Curtis