Your Future Is Now Under Warranty

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Customer Satisfaction Conviction Warranty

Gold is the world’s safest money.

And Guardian Gold & Silver is the world’s safest gold.

Before we show you exactly how we provide total peace of mind and safety for your gold bullion purchase, we want to share with you one fundamental understanding right from the start:

From our point of view, physical bullion gold & silver are not investments. Gold and silver are insurance and protection against paper currency failure. They are REAL MONEY, and proven stores of value, whose only real use to you is to preserve, protect, and safeguard your wealth and purchasing power from diminishing and disappearing.

That is what they do. They have done this successfully countless times over the last 6000 years.

And they will do that for you now.

However, like any product or service if our bullion gold fails to fulfill its role for you, or if you prove to be unhappy with the bullion gold’s features, benefits, and performance, or if your gold fails to protect and preserve your wealth and purchasing power in 5 years, or for any other reason whatsoever, then this hard asset money has failed in its only real use and function to you. Therefore you should be able to return your gold precious metal as a faulty product.

And receive a full refund on your original purchase. No Questions Asked.

Guardian Gold & Silver would like you to be satisfied with your gold and has
implemented a Customer Satisfaction Conviction Warranty to help ensure your comfort with your hard asset money purchase.

The traditional holding period for this wealth preservation tools is, on average, 5 years. Typically, once an economy has entered into a critical period of de-stability, such as we are now entering, the economic system usually finds a new bottom, or direction, or fundamentally restructures within 5 years. So that is the proper time frame we need in order to judge and evaluate the effectiveness and efficacy of this unique and special tool, gold bullion.

Therefore, Guardian Gold & Silver makes the following
Customer Satisfaction Conviction Limited Warranty Promise:

If you are unhappy in any way with your bullion gold precious metal purchase within the Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Period we will fully refund your original purchase price. You may exercise this option any time within this Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Period, which is defined as the first 30 calendar days following the 5 year anniversary date of your purchase.

Redemption of this Warranty is to be exercised at your sole and voluntary discretion. Furthermore you are free to sell or trade, to any entity you wish, all or a portion of your bullion gold at any time you feel it’s appropriate and for whatever reason, prior to the Satisfaction Evaluation Period.

Guardian will place a percentage of every bullion gold purchase in a “Warranty Reserve Fund” to ensure sufficient funds are available to satisfy any redemption that may be requested.  The “Warranty Reserve Fund” will be supplemented and supported by industry-standard insurance models, programs, and strategies to ensure funds availability for any requested redemptions.

Gold is the World’s Safest Money
Guardian Gold & Silver is the World’s Safest Gold